Hingham Youth Basketball ByLaws

I. Mission Statement and Core Values 


Mission Statement

Hingham Youth Basketball is a volunteer organization with a mission to contribute to increasing the passion for basketball in the community through the operation of a model youth basketball program that emphasizes strong fundamentals, excellent instruction/coaching, equal and maximum opportunities and transparent administration.

Core Values of Hingham Youth Basketball

The Core Values of the Organization include: 

  • Player Development – The advancement of individual and team skills of allparticipants through practice and games is at the core of what we are attempting to accomplish. We will strive to provide as many opportunities to practice and play for as many kids as is reasonable. 
  • Sportsmanship – We expect that all participants in our league, including players, coaches, referees, league officials and parents will conduct themselves with respect and a positive, constructive attitude toward the game and toward each other. Hingham Youth Basketball expects all participants to exhibit: winning without bragging, losing without complaining or making excuses, treating referees and opponents with respect, encouraging teammates, respecting the coaches, officials and volunteers of the organization. Without this fundamentally positive and respectful attitude, attempts to accomplish any of our goals are undermined.
  • Competition  – Competition and the desire to win are essential elements of Hingham Youth Basketball. This is based on our belief that competition is an important part of player development and that playing to win is an important part of competition. We recognize, however, that the level of competition and playing to win will vary based on age, league, regular season and playoffs. .
  • Fairness and Transparency – Our processes and our management will be fair and transparent. Merit, skill, positive attitudes and hard work will be rewarded. Our selection processes for our teams and coaches, along with our finances and rules and regulations will be managed in a clear, direct and open way. Not everyone will agree with every selection or decision. We will strive to ensure that the processes by which selections or decisions are arrived at are fair to the whole and transparent to all. 
  • Fun and Safety - We believe the most important reason young people play sports is to have fun. This does not mean that everything every player does is fun all the time. It does mean that when a player looks back on the year, they feel they been in an environment that was fun. We also require that the environment is safe for players, coaches and all involved. 



II. Board of Directors

  • The Board of Directors shall serve without pay and consist of 5 voting members as well as non-voting representatives from various underlying boards, committees and administrative roles.
  • Voting members include: Chairman (elected), Vice Chairman (elected), Treasurer (elected), Secretary (elected), Hingham Schools Athletic Department Representative (standing).
  • Non Voting, Standing members include Director of Basketball Operations, Barker Coordinator and Travel Coordinator.
  • The initial board shall be nominated and elected by members of the board creation committee of Barker basketball.  The terms initial board will have 1 member that will hold a 1 year term, 3 members that will hold 2 year terms and 1 member that will hold a 3 year term. 
  • Replacement of Board Members will be subject to an open nominating process and majority vote by existing board of directors for election.
  • Subsequent to the initial terms, Board members shall serve 3 year terms.
  • The Board can nominate any Board Member for another term.
  • No current travel coaches or members of the Executive or Operating Teams may simultaneously serve on the Board of Directors.
  • The role of the Board of Directors is to oversee Hingham Youth Basketball (Barker League and Travel Leagues ) operations by

1. Setting the policy for the organization. This is done by:

  • Creating or updating the mission statement, purpose and core values. 
  • Determining the organization’s important policies, processes, programs, services and rules.
  • Build formal feedback and review into the annual operating plan
  • Approving the annual budget and operating plan
  • Approving a long term strategic plan
  • Acting as the final authority on all matters of conflict arising from the Executive Team or underlying parts of the organization
  • Appointing the Director of Basketball Operations
  • Approving executive team appointments

2. Monitoring the organization’s operations:

  • Reviewing actual performance vs. budget, operating plan, etc. 
  • Approving major contracts and grants of greater than $1000.00
  • Soliciting and reviewing program evaluations.
  • Troubleshooting as necessary.

3. Other board responsibilities

  • Documenting executive policies and decisions to create an organizational memory.
  • Assist in fundraising by soliciting donations to support the initiatives of the organization
  • Advocating for the organization in the community
  • Preparing for and attending board meetings.
  • Researching and discussing issues before decisions are made.
  • Replacing and orienting board members when a vacancy arises.

While serving as a member of the board, Directors are expected to:

  • Take reasonable care when making decisions for the organization 
  • Act in the best interest of the organization
  • Act in accordance with the organization’s mission and core values
  • Stand aside when there is a conflict of interest

While the board has many responsibilities, there are also things it should avoid. The board of directors should not:

  • Concern itself with the day-to-day management of the organization. The operational and administrative leadership should be able manage things.
  • Rubber stamp decisions. While the board should take the recommendations of the various constituents, the board needs to be an independent decision-making body.




  • Committees- the Board may appoint standing and ad hoc committees as needed. 


  • Meetings
  • Regular meetings shall be held once per quarter
  • Special meetings may be held at any time when called for by the Chair or a majority of Board members.
  • Agendas shall be provided at least 2 days in advance.
  • Voting
  • (a) A majority of board members constitutes a quorum. (b) In absence of a quorum, no formal action shall be taken except to adjourn the meeting to a subsequent date.
  • Passage of a motion requires a simple majority (ie, one more than half the members present). 
  • Conflict of Interest - Any member of the board who has a financial, personal, or official interest in, or conflict (or appearance of a conflict) with any matter pending before the Board, of such nature that it prevents or may prevent that member from acting on the matter in an impartial manner, will offer to the Board to voluntarily excuse him/herself and will vacate his seat and refrain from discussion and voting on said item.
  • Unless otherwise noted, Robert’s Rules of Order will apply 
  • Fiscal Policies - the fiscal year of the board shall be


  • Amendments - These bylaws may be amended by a 4/5th’s vote at official meetings, provided a quorum is present and provide a copy of the proposed amendment(s) are provided to each Board member at least one week prior to said meeting.

Board Members


The following positions should be filled by members of the Hingham community with an interest in building the long term success of the boys basketball program. Things that are prerequisites for participation include: Experience in coaching, people who can help create and communicate a long term vision for success, and those who can recruit people to fulfill roles in the operating committees, fund raising, coaching, etc.


Voting Members of the Board include:


Chairperson - shall preside at all Board meetings, call items to vote and 

Vice-Chairperson - shall assume the duties of the Chair in case of the Chair’s absence.

Treasurer - shall keep record of the organization’s budget and prepare financial reports as needed

Secretary - shall be responsible for the minutes of the Board, keep all approved minutes in a minute book, and send out copies of minutes to all

Hingham Athletic Director or School/Town Official 


Non Voting Members of the Board include:


Director Basketball Operations

Travel Coordinator

Barker Coordinator






III. Executive Team

  • The role of the Executive Team is to manage: the execution of the yearly operating plans, strategic initiatives and day to day operations of Hingham Youth Basketball in a manner consistent with the mission and core values of the organization. 


  • The Executive Team is responsible for appointing, approving and removing personnel from operating roles.


  • The Executive Team is responsible for the resolution of disputes that have not been able to be resolved in underlying committees or teams. Disputes will be resolved with the mission statement and core values as guides. Should a dispute be determined so controversial that the Executive team is not able to resolve it, the resolution responsibility shall be passed along to the Board of Directors.


  • The Executive Team consists of five members appointed on an annual basis:
  • Director of Basketball Operations – selected via open nomination and Board of Director vote.
  • Barker Coordinator – appointed by current Grade Commissioners, subject to Board of Directors approval.
  • Travel Coordinator – appointed by current Travel Coaches, subject to Board of Directors approval.
  • Ad hoc member #1 and #2 from Operating Team – selected by the Director of Basketball Operations, Barker Coordinator and Travel Coordinator.



IV. Operating Team

  • The role of the operating team is to execute the day to day support and logistical functions that enable the smooth operation of both the Barker and Travel programs, within the confines of the yearly operating plan and in a manner consistent with the mission and core values of the organization. 


  • Roles on the Operating Team, which are appointed annually, include: Director Basketball Operations, Barker Program Coordinator, Travel Program Coordinator, Gym Coordinator, Referee Coordinator, Equipment Coordinator, Webmaster, P/R - Communications, Fundraising, Coach and Player Development. These roles are defined by the need of the organization, the annual operating plan and longer term strategic initiatives of the organization. 


  • Non Executive Team members of the Operating Team will be nominated annually through and open nomination process and selected by the Executive Team.


V. Barker Program


  • The role of the Barker Program is to coordinate the in-town program by working with the Operating Team to manage: Registration, Coach recruitment/selection, Selection of teams, Weekly operations and playoffs.


  • The Barker Program Coordinator is responsible for the Barker program. He/she is a voting member of the Executive Team and a non-voting member of the Board of Directors. The Barker Program Coordinator is appointed by a quorum of current grade commissioners, subject to Board of Directors approval on an annual basis. The rest of the Barker Committee is comprised of Grade Commissioners for each grade (2-8) and High School. It is possible for one person to serve as grade commissioner for more than one grade; however, in matters that require a vote, they only have a single vote. Grade Commissioners are selected annually by the Barker Program Coordinator through an open nomination process with required input from Barker coaches of each grade and the Operating Team. Approval will come from the Executive Team.


  • Barker Coaches will be selected annually by the respective Grade Commissioners through an open nomination process with required input from the existing Barker coaches and the Barker Coordinator.


V1. Travel Program


  • The role of the Travel Program is to operate teams in all of the travel leagues that Hingham participates in. The Travel Program works with the Operating Team to coordinate with the Travel Coaches the tryout process, team selection procedures, weekly operations and representation in the various league governing bodies.


  • The Travel Coordinator is responsible for the Travel Program. He/she is a voting member of the Executive Team and a non-voting member of the Board of Directors. The Travel Coordinator is chosen annually by a quorum of current travel coaches through an open nomination process, subject to Board of Directors approval. The rest of the Travel Program Committee is comprised of all travel coaches. There will be two voting travel coaches per team. It is possible for one person to serve as grade commissioner for more than one grade; however, in matters that require a vote, they only have a single vote.


  • Travel Coaches per grade and league will be selected by the Travel Coordinator with an open nomination process. Input is required from each respective grade’s Barker coaches and Grade Commissioner. There may be an interview process with the Executive Team and approval of the selections by the Executive Team.



VII. Policy Change


  • Suggestions for policy change for the Operating, Barker or Travel programs can come from the Operating, Barker or Travel committees. These changes will need a majority vote from the committee to move on. The Executive Team will review the prospective changes and pass along a recommendation to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will vote to approve or decline the prospective change.

VIII. Disciplinary Actions

  • When it is believed that a violation of policy occurs, it is the responsibility of the applicable program coordinator and grade commissioner together with the director of basketball operations to attempt to resolve.
  • If there is no resolution, and it is believed that suspension or removal is warranted by the applicable program coordinator or grade commissioner and Director of basketball operations, the matter is forwarded to the Executive Team to attempt to resolve.
  • If still no resolution, the matter is brought to the Board of Directors with the recommendations of the appropriate committee, grade commissioner and Executive Team for discussion and resolution. Pending this “hearing” the Executive Team may choose to suspend the individual in question from performing their role.

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